In December 2010 the new permanent exhibition Animals in the Tower opened in the Castle’s western tower, covering almost 500 square metres. Next to the exhibition area there is another room which is currently used for lectures by the museum’s educational department but which should soon house the insect collection.

Animals in the Tower is an interactive exhibition. Here explorers – both big and small – can look, learn, feel and hear the cries of the animals. Leopards, pandas, bears, crocodiles, penguins, falcons, orang-utans, seals, and tropical birds await you!

On the third floor of Friedenstein Castle’s western tower the popular taxidermy animals are on display in various groupings such as rainforest, night time, Antarctica, and cats. The ideas of the renowned biologists Linnaeus, Darwin, Alexander von Humboldt, and Brehm – which serve as the basis for modern science – act as a running theme for the exhibition.

Animals in the Tower is the first permanent exhibition of Friedenstein Castle’s new Museum of Nature. Over the coming years the Museum of Nature will move completely into the Castle as four permanent exhibitions over 2,000 square metres of exhibition space. Animals in the Tower will be joined by further natural history displays: the Nature Cabinet on the second floor of the western tower as part of the castle tour; Ancestors of the Dinosaurs in the west wing; and the Thuringian Forest in the current exhibition hall. The Museum of Nature will thus as a whole have as much exhibition space as before.